Homeless charity benefits from Hidden Lane’s ‘Hardwired’ lager

GLASWEGIAN singer songwriter Kenny Lee Roberts has teamed up with Finnieston’s Hidden Lane Brewery to produce and sell his own beer, Hardwired Lager – with every penny donated to a homeless charity.

Kenny is covering all the production costs himself, so it’s not just the profits he’s handing over ­– the full amount of every single sale will go to Homeless Project Scotland, which has been battling to feed more and more people every week, while campaigning to secure a building for improved safety for those they look after.

“Reading the stories about what the team from Homeless Project Scotland do is inspiring and horrifying all at the same time,” said Kenny. “To see families, kids, queueing up for a hot meal… it’s heart-breaking.”

Kenny worked with the in-house team at the Brewery to come up with a beer inspired by his music, which combines Americana and Northern Soul – so there are American and British hops in there, all brewed in Scotland.

“It was a really interesting process,” said Kenny. “They then went off and brewed it all up and the results are amazing – I’m delighted with it. I never thought I would have my own beer – or that doing something like this could hopefully have an impact in raising money and more importantly awareness of this brilliant charity and the work they do every single day.”

The singer first discovered Hidden Lane Brewery when he played a showcase there last year, and loved the unique feel of the place, and the fact it is a female-run, vegan and fully organic brewery in a traditionally male industry.

As well as shop and mail order sales, Hardwired Lager will be stocked by Glasgow High St institution, McChuills, which already has a working relationship with Homeless Project Scotland.

“I know some people may think it seems off to donate money from beer sales to a homeless charity where a lot of people may have been impacted by alcohol – but I like the idea of making things positive,” added Kenny. “It is just about doing some good.”

HPS founder Colin McInnes, who runs the outfit which feeds hundreds of people in the heart of Glasgow, admits he was touched when he heard about Kenny’s idea: “We were blown away by the generosity of Kenny when he got in touch through our mutual friends at McChuills.

“He asked would we be ok with money from a beer but if anything, it’s a good thing – alcohol has done damage to many, here it is doing a lot of good.

“Thank you Kenny, Hidden Lane Brewery and McChuills for your support. It’s amazing to know people are paying attention and not just driving on by.”

Rachel Suttle of Hidden Lane Brewery added: “We loved Kenny’s idea of producing a beer to help such an amazing cause – the charity is a really special one and he’s been incredibly generous.

“The most important thing is the good that will come of this collaboration for Homeless Project Scotland and we are very proud to be part of it all.

“So whether you buy a beer or two, donate some clothes or even volunteer some time, please do help out if you can.”