Mexico comes to Glasgow for first ever tequila festival


FANS of quality spirits can leave their salt and lime at home when Glasgow hosts the city’s first tequila and mezcal festival.

The inaugural Copita Mezcal and Tequila Festival takes place at The Briggait on 29th April, with organisers pledging the event will be ‘a far cry from tequila slammers in a dive bar of a Friday evening’.

“Copita is here to celebrate the craft of these important artisanal drinks,” said festival co-founder Colin Campbell.

“Agave spirits are to Mexico what whisky is to Scotland – not just a national drink, but a collection of wildly different spirits produced by traditional processes, entwined irrevocably with the folk history and culture of its nation.

“The interest in mezcal and tequila from the Scottish public is at an all-time high, with many curious to explore the drinks further than it is possible to at home, or at a bar, without a well-lined purse.

“We can’t wait to bring this great celebration of the spirits of Mexico to the people of Glasgow.”

The festival will take place across two three and a half hour sessions (12pm to 3.30pm and 4.15pm to 7.45pm), where visitors will be able to choose from 50 different agave-based spirits while chatting to brand ambassadors from the various producers.

Brands will include Tapatio, Ilegal, Ocho, Quiquiriqui and Los Siete Misterios.