Siberia Bar bosses want to bring the buzz back to Belmont St

Co-director of Siberia Bar and Hotel, Stuart McPhee
ABERDEEN’S Belmont Street quarter is to benefit from substantial investment by Harding Ltd, owners of the Siberia Bar & Hotel.

As part of the company’s 2023 expansion plans, it has purchased a vacant four-storey unit next door to its current premises at 13 Belmont Street, with the stated aim of bringing more vibrancy to the Belmont Street quarter and the wider city centre, while creating a number of new jobs and using local contractors.

The company’s announcement follows in the footsteps of the recent emergency Union Street summit, and comes alongside expansion plans from Aberdeen jewellery retailers Jamieson and Carry. The shared focus is on the potential for business growth towards the Union Street/ Belmont Street area of town, and creating a buzz around the area.

Co-director of Siberia Bar and Hotel, Stuart McPhee said: “It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s great to finally get the deal over the line. As a business we think Aberdeen has a bright future, and local independent business has a big part to play in that. We are looking forward to developing the building, allowing its potential to be unlocked and engaging with the cafe culture investment in the Belmont Street area.”

The news has been welcomed by the wider business community with Adrian Watson, CEO of Aberdeen Inspired, commenting: “Hard on the heels of some really positive news on our High Street last week, it is fantastic to see these expansion plans being presented by Siberia Bar & Hotel Ltd.

“This is a highly regarded independent business, that is always looking to be a ‘step ahead’ and in Stuart you have a lead who not only drives the business in-house but takes an interest in supporting the wider city centre cause. We wish them every success in moving forward.”

These thoughts were echoed by the Chief Executive of Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, Russell Borthwick, who said: “Cities are a finely balanced eco-system of retail, culture, hospitality, residential and offices with people at their heart. If any of them are out of balance, then the others are likely to fail.

“Even before the crippling impact of the pandemic, UK town centres were already being hit hard by the perfect storm of out-of-town retailing and workplaces, the rise in online shopping and other changes in consumer behaviour. Successful cities have been countering these trends with strategies to create exciting, cool, attractive multifunctional places that people choose to live, work and spend their leisure time.

“So I’m delighted that Harding is playing its part in this reinvention of Aberdeen by investing to expand its Belmont Street presence.”