Whisky range does exactly what it says on the label

Murray McDavid whiskies

CLEAR, ‘no-nonsense’ information is at the heart of a new range of whiskies from independent bottler Murray McDavid.

The company’s new Cask Craft range is described as a selection of affordable single malts from six different distilleries across Scotland.

Each of the whiskies has been finished in a different type of cask, with the label clearly describing the flavour profile of that particular whisky.

Single malts featured in the range include Linkwood, Croftengea, Mannochmore and Glen Elgin.

The cask finishes include sherry (described on the label as ‘fruity and spicy’); port (‘rich and fruity’); madeira (‘fruity and sweet’); bourbon (‘creamy and sweet’); marsala (‘smoky and fruity’); and peated (‘smoke and citrus’).

Each of the whiskies in the range is limited to 12,000 bottles, with each bottle priced at £34.

“We are delighted to release our Cask Craft collection,” said Dean Jode, head of whisky creation at Murray McDavid.

“With such a kaleidoscope of approachable flavours, this wonderful range makes it easy for consumers to understand the influence that different wood finishes have on Scotch whisky.

“This collection, which showcases the art of maturation, is designed for those new to whisky and the seasoned connoisseur.”

Murray McDavid is owned by spirits company Aceo, which supplies a range of spirits as well as services such as bottling, labelling and logistics.