MUP review is now underway

Supermarket alcohol aisle
MUP came into effect in 2018.

THE Scottish Government has begun its review of the Minimum Unit Price (MUP) legislation with a series of ‘roundtable’ events and an online survey.

A ‘sunset clause’ in the legislation requires the Scottish Government to evaluate the effectiveness of the policy after five years, with the policy set to automatically terminate after six unless it is extended by the Scottish Parliament.

The government has now contacted businesses and other stakeholders to invite them to take part in a series of discussions about how the minimum unit price for alcohol – currently set at 50p a unit – has impacted them or their organisation.

An online survey also asks respondents what impact a change in the unit price might have on them, including the impact of raising the price to 60p a unit, 70p a unit, 80p a unit or higher than 80p a unit.

A wider consultation on the minimum unit price will be conducted next year.

The Scottish Government review comes after a report from Public Health Scotland found there was no clear evidence that minimum unit pricing had changed consumption habits among those drinking at harmful levels.