Spirit of expansion

Broody Hen scotch whisky bottle

AN Edinburgh distillery best known for its gin has expanded into the blended whisky market.

Summerhall Distillery has combined casks of whisky from Highland distilleries to create The Broody Hen.

The whisky is blended and bottled on site at the distillery, with casks selected by co-founders Matt Gammell and Marcus Pickering.

Summerhall said the launch of The Broody Hen marks the start of a period of growth for the company, with plans to release a range of drinks under The Broody Hen label including a 10 year old single malt at the end of 2022.

Bottling capacity is forecast to double by early 2023 as the firm moves the majority of whisky operations to a bigger warehouse facility, creating up to three new jobs in its already 14-strong team.

Marcus Pickering said: “The Broody Hen is a culmination of almost five years of careful development and marks the start of our proposed expansion into Scotch whisky.

“From engineering our own bain-marie heating system for our copper stills, to inventing a custom bottle labeller designed specifically for our bottles, everything we do has innovation at its heart and The Broody Hen is no exception.”