Gin brand a long time in the making

A 66 year old recipe is said to be at the heart of a new small-batch gin from Edinburgh.

Pickering’s Gin is the brainchild of Edinburgh businessmen Matt Gammell and Marcus Pickering and is said to contain nine botanicals, including juniper, coriander, cardamom and fennel. The original recipe is said to have been dated July 17, 1947.
Pickering’s Gin is produced at Summerhall Distillery – part of the Summerhall creative development which also houses Barney’s Brewery.
“The idea has been brewing for around five years and with the growing trend, popularity and resurgence of gin, now seemed the ideal time to introduce Pickering’s Gin to market,” said Pickering.

Pickering and Gammell .
Pickering and Gammell .