A marriage of Scottish spirits

Craft distiller launches range of gins aged in whisky casks

Scottish craft distiller Pickering’s Gin has launched a limited edition collection of five oak-aged gins which have been matured in single malt whisky casks.
Pickering’s, which is based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall Distillery, said the new gins are aged in whisky casks from five of Scotland’s recognised whisky regions: Islay, Speyside, the Lowlands, Islands and Highlands.

Pickering's van
Once the whisky casks were selected by founders Marcus Pickering and Matt Gammell, they were filled with cask strength Pickering’s Gin and left to age for between three and six months for each expression; each cask yielded 200 bottles of 47% ABV oak-aged gin.
The flavour profile of the oak-aged gins is said to range from the “light and citric aromas of Speyside to the sweeter, peatier notes of the Islay region”.
Marcus Pickering said it was a “tough gig” travelling around Scotland in search of the perfect whisky casks “but someone had to do it”.
“We eventually identified five of the best casks to create our oak-aged expressions, helping us to craft five gins which are undoubtedly different,” said Pickering.
Matt Gammell said each of the gins can be drunk like a whisky with water or ice, or in cocktails.
“As distillers we wanted to take people on a journey exploring both gin and whisky, and to truly test the versatility of Pickering’s Gin,” he said.
“With gin, there’s endless pleasure to be had experimenting with new flavours, serves and cocktails.
“Our latest offering of oak-aged gin is truly a different way to experience gin, and to explore the world of Scotch whisky for spirit lovers the world over.”