Trigony House Hotel appeals to dog lovers

A DUMFRIES & Galloway hotel is appealing to dog owners with the launch of a new dog training service for guests.

Trigony House Hotel in Closeburn has introduced the new offer in conjunction with dog trainer Kirsten Collins, who covers a wide range of topics, including reading dog body language; teaching basic commands; how to correctly discipline a dog; and desensitising the dog to stressful situations. Each of the sessions is tailored to the individual dog and owner. The training is split into four two-hour sessions, which can be completed in a single day, or split across two days.

The service costs £250.

Trigony House Hotel owner, Adam Moore, said: “We have been a dog friendly hotel for over 20 years now, and we are always looking for ways of adding extra services for our guests and their four-legged friends.

“In the past these have ranged from dog reiki therapy to doggy breakfast menus. Our latest venture has been really exciting and involves offering in-house training courses for our guests and their dogs.

“We have partnered with a brilliant local trainer, Kirsten Collins, whose enthusiasm, love for dogs and communication skills have proved really popular with our guests and their dogs, and we’ve seen great results from our two-day courses.

“We’ve only just started on this latest venture but it’s already attracting new guests to the hotel and really helping to broadcast our dog friendly credentials.”