Well known face returns to its roots

CIDER maker Brothers Drinks has announced plans to relaunch Babycham after acquiring the sparkling perry brand from Accolade Wines.

Babycham, first launched in 1953, went on to become one of the most recognisable UK drinks brands of the 20th century.

Its acquisition by Brothers marks a homecoming of sorts. Babycham was created by Francis Showering, who was later involved in the foundation of Brothers Drinks with other members of his family. The Showerings continue to own Brothers Drinks in 2021.

Matthew Showering of Brothers Drinks said Babycham is “a sentimental brand, not only for our family, but for families across the nation who associate Babycham with fond memories and celebratory milestones”.

“We want to share the brand’s fun, sparkly and aspirational persona with new and familiar customers,” said Showering.

“Babycham is a quality brand that is extremely well known in the UK and this acquisition is an incredible opportunity to harness our roots and heritage.

“We’re confident in the brand’s future and it feels like the perfect time to modernise this classic with an exciting new relaunch.”

The brand will be relaunched in 2022.