Short-term lets laws will go live next year

Scottish parliament

SCOTLAND’S councils will have to have a licensing system for short-term lets in place by October of next year, after legislation was laid before the Scottish Parliament.

The laws will require all existing operators of short-term lets to apply for a licence by 1st April 2023, with all short-term lets across Scotland to be licensed by 1st July 2024.

The Scottish Government had previously introduced legislation allowing councils to limit the number of short-term lets operating in their areas.

Housing secretary Shona Robison said licensing short-term accommodation providers would “ensure short-term lets are safe and the people providing them are suitable”.

“Short-term lets can offer people a flexible travel option,” said Robison.

“However, we know that in certain areas, particularly tourist hotspots, high numbers of lets can cause problems for neighbours and make it harder for people to find homes to live in. The licensing scheme and control area legislation give councils the powers to take action where they need to.”