Passport extension decision to be made next week

Scottish Government also considering amending scheme to include negative test results

A DECISION on whether or not to expand the Scottish Government’s vaccine passport scheme to wider hospitality settings is likely to be taken next week, the first minister has said.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament today (16th November), Nicola Sturgeon said the cabinet had “not yet reached” a decision on whether to expand the scheme to cover additional venues, but would make a decision next Tuesday (23rd November) “in light of the most up to date data”.

She said that, if the scheme is extended to additional settings, those changes would likely take effect from 6th December.

“In the meantime, later this week we will publish an evidence paper and consult businesses on the practicalities of implementation should any changes be made,” said Sturgeon.

In addition to extending the scheme, the Scottish Government is also considering whether proof of a recent negative COVID test could be accepted as an alternative to proof of double vaccination. This would be decided “on the basis of current and projected vaccination uptake rates”.

Sturgeon said: “We want, if possible, businesses to stay fully open over Christmas and through the winter while also keeping COVID under control.
“If an expansion of COVID certification can help us do that it would be irresponsible not to consider it.”