Chardon is in fine health

GLASGOW hotels group Chardon has been named as a champion of mental health after being awarded the Wellness Charter from charity Hospitality Health.

The charter sets out a number of steps a company should take in order to support employees’ mental health and wellbeing. They include offering staff access to an employee assistance programme, showing a positive and enabling attitude towards all employees with mental health conditions and providing non-judgemental support to individual staff members who experience mental ill health.

Hospitality Health co-founder, Gordon McIntyre, said: “What we are trying to achieve with Hospitality Health is to equip our industry with the right tools and resilience training to not only address mental health but to put staff welfare first.

“We launched Hospitality Health in Glasgow three years ago with 100 operators in attendance and we have grown considerably during the pandemic, with a real need for mental health support.”

Chardon chief executive, Nicola Taylor, said the company has been “working hard especially through lockdown to keep the wellbeing of our team at the forefront”.

“This confirms the great work our organisation has been doing,” said Taylor.

“Gordon and the team at Hospitality Health are so passionate about helping those that work in the industry by providing invaluable information to anyone that may be facing work or personal worries. We have communicated the Hospitality Health website to all our team, and will continue to remind them that there is a wider support network of like-minded professionals who they can connect with should they wish.

“This is a fantastic charity that is current and definitely needed in an industry that whilst is very rewarding can be very tough!”