Benriach puts casks centre-stage

SPEYSIDE distillery Benriach is highlighting the variety of flavours imparted by its casks with the release of a new range of single cask bottlings.

The Benriach Cask Edition Collection 2021 consists of 19 different expressions, both peated and unpeated, which have been matured in 11 different casks types, which include muscatel hogsheads, rum barrels, port pipes, Oloroso sherry butts and madeira casks. The bottlings range from 11 to 26 years of age.

Rachel Barrie, master blender at the Brown-Form-owned distillery, said:

“When it comes to experimenting with flavour through our rich inventory of cask types at Benriach, it is important to appreciate the individuality of the cask and its back story to tease out its full potential,” said Rachel Barrie, master blender at the Brown-Forman-owned distillery.

“Benriach Cask Edition Collection 2021 offers an insight into this journey, capturing unique moments in time at our Speyside distillery.

“Exploring cask maturation at this specific level continues to excite me about the flavour possibilities of Benriach. From the honey, apricot and stewed plum of the sauternes barrique to the smooth barley cream of the rum barrel, it’s a true joy to savour the palette of flavour in these cask edition releases.”

The new range comes after Benriach introduced a new peated expression to its core range.

Benriach Smoke Season is described as the most “intensely smoked” whisky to be released by the distillery. It has been matured in a combination of American virgin oak and bourbon barrels and has an ABV of 52.8%.