Join SLTN and Angostura for special virtual rum tasting

Angostura global brand ambassador Daniyel Jones gives the lowdown on February’s SLTN Trade Tasting

SLTN and Angostura have joined forces to stage a special virtual rum tasting next month.

Part of the SLTN Trade Tastings series, the virtual event at 7pm on 18th February will see Daniyel Jones, global brand ambassador for The House of Angostura, host a tasting of Angostura rums, which are part of Distell International’s portfolio in the UK.

Operators and bartenders signed up for the event will receive a tasting kit containing premium rums and pre-batched cocktails created by Sips Events. Each kit will include Angostura 3 year old served in an Angostura Daiquiri, Angostura 5 year old in a Trinidad Rum Punch, and Angostura 7 year old in the Cloak and Dagger cocktail, as well as serves of Angostura 1919 and Angostura No 1.

Ahead of the tasting, SLTN caught up with Daniyel for the lowdown on the virtual event, his role and the Angostura range.

Which drinks have you chosen for the SLTN Trade Tastings event?

Angostura Daiquiri – a legendary classic cocktail that always showcases the quality of the rum.

Trinidad Rum Punch – tradition is rooted in this iconic yet simple cocktail enjoyed with many native stories of the island’s heritage creating a novelty that continues to intrigue.

Cloak and Dagger – dark rum in cocktails is always enticing especially in this tasty vintage sour as it puts on show the versatility of Angostura’s 7 year old Caribbean rum.

Angostura 1919 (served neat) – an exceptional rum, distinctive in the world of rums.

Angostura No 1 (served neat) – a rare limited editioned called the No.1 Cask Collection, revealing the exquisite craftsmanship of the House of Angostura’s range of rums.

What can bartenders expect from the virtual tasting?

I will share some of the secrets of how we enjoy Angostura on the island of Trinidad. We will virtually walk through the House of Angostura portfolio of the iconic flagship bitters, largest range of award-winning rums and the only Amaro with Angostura Aromatic Bitters.

How do you think rum will perform in Scotland’s pubs and bars going forward? What trends do you expect to see in the category?

My visit to Scotland allowed me to appreciate its unique drinking culture rooted in tradition mixed with a host of incredible craft cocktail bars. Rum is a spirit that entices cocktail enthusiasts as it allows you to escape to the tropics and Caribbean islands in each sip. Rum will give bars an opportunity to offer more exciting options to their customers and fill their bars with happy patrons. Rum has been the most gradually consistent growing category of spirit to date. I believe an upcoming trend will be the pairing of rum and cigars. Regarding trends in rum serves I have personally fallen in love with the trend of highballs – a Japanese-inspired style popular with whiskey highballs – a simple combination of rum and soda water garnished with an expressed lemon peel.

What should operators and bartenders consider when deciding which rums to stock?

There three main considerations:

Quality – the character, integrity and craftsmanship of the spirit.

Versatility – how well does the rum integrate with other ingredients and does it improve the cocktail.

Connection – is there a story you or the bartenders can share with your guests at the bar.

What does Angostura’s rum portfolio offer?

The House of Angostura is proud to offer the largest range of award-winning rums. Each one of our rums has won independent awards. We also have the most expensive rum sold to date: Legacy by Angostura, with a starting auction price of 25,000 US dollars. Our rums are a reflection of the island’s culture, passion and energetic vibration. The House of Angostura shares this beauty through the range of our rums.

How long have you worked in your role and how did you get started in the industry?

I have been the global brand ambassador since 2013. I started as a bartender on the island of Trinidad & Tobago. A vision to one day own a restaurant and a true passion for hospitality led me to compete in cocktail competitions that created opportunities beyond the bar. One such competition was the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2013, where I had to compete against 12 of the best bartenders around the world. The prize of an ambassadorship started my role with the company.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Travelling to over 75 countries and cities combined is definitely a great part of the job experience. My favorite is the opportunity to share a fragment of the splendour of my island, our rich vibrant culture, music and food through our rums. The bonus is the various forms of drink appreciations for Angostura I witness globally. #Angosturalove

What’s your most memorable rum and why?

I have stories with them all. The rums are all so different which makes every tasting I do so exciting. My most recent memorable rum will have to be the No.1 Cask Collection. I remember doing a tasting in Prague with our distributor’s top whisky and Cognac clients. From their serious demeanor it seemed like it was going to be a tough crowd. One of the charms of rum is the oversight it is the drink of pirates or what you enjoyed during college days. Hence, you don’t think you need to learn about the category like you would with whisky or Cognac. This then allows me to share more with you – the beauty of our rums and how we enjoy their elegance. Every person in the room purchased bags filled of Angostura No.1 Cask Collection and some of the other rums in the range. The organiser had to politely beseech the attendees long after the presentation to leave. Witnessing the appreciation for Angostura rum by avid whisky and Cognac drinkers was such a delight.

If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be, what would you drink and where?

OK this has two answers.

The first is Obama. Drink of choice: 1919 Rum Old Fashioned. Bar: Connaught Bar, London.

The second is Rihanna. Drink of choice: Queens Park Swizzle. Bar: Little Red Door, Paris. Bartender: Me!