Scottish Government publishes updated FAQs for new restrictions

Still no clarity over what constitutes a ‘licensed café’


THE Scottish Government has added to the FAQ section of its Tourism and Hospitality Sector Guidance to incorporate the new restrictions taking effect at 6pm tonight (October 9).

Included in the list of questions are: “Does 6pm mean doors closed with all customers departed or is there an eating/drinking up period?” (it means doors closed at 6pm); “Is bring your own bottle (BYOB) permitted?” (it is not); and “Can premises offer alcohol as off-sales alongside food as takeaway or collection?” (yes, if they are already licensed to do so).

The new FAQs can be viewed here.

From 6pm tonight premises outside the central belt will only be able to open their indoor areas until 6pm and will be unable to sell alcohol inside. They can continue to sell alcohol in outside areas, and those space can remain open till 10pm.

In the central belt all pubs, bars and restaurants will have to close at 6pm tonight and remain closed for 16 days.

Cafés in the central belt will be able to remain open but will not be able to sell alcohol.

The Scottish Government has said the legislation bringing the new restrictions into force will define what a ‘café’ is for the purposes of clarity, but as of 9.30am on Friday October 9 that legislation was still to be published.