Facemasks to be compulsory for staff and customers

Only six people from two households can now meet in venues

FACEMASKS will now be mandatory for staff in hospitality venues, as well as for customers when they are moving around the premises.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament today (Monday September 10) first minister Nicola Sturgeon said face coverings for staff – which were previously included in Scottish Government guidance for the hospitality sector but were not mandatory – will be required by law as of Monday September 14.

Customers will also be required to wear facemasks whenever they are moving around a premises – such as entering or exiting a venue or going to the toilet.

And the number of people allowed to meet in hospitality premises – both indoors and in outside areas – has been reduced to six people from two different households.

The decisions come amid rising numbers of coronavirus cases across Scotland.

Sturgeon said: “The hospitality industry has put a lot of effort into creating safe spaces for people to meet and we hope these additional protections help ensure that the sector can remain open with high levels of compliance.”

In addition to the new rules, the resumption of indoor and outdoor live events and the reopening of certain entertainment venues – such as live music venues (excluding nightclubs) – has been delayed.

Provisionally scheduled for September 14, these events and venues now have an indicative date of October 5, subject to the number of coronavirus cases at that time.