Test and protect rules include delivery drivers and cleaners

It is now mandatory to record visitor contact details

Scottish Government

BAR, pub and restaurant operators across Scotland must now record contact details for delivery drivers and cleaners visiting their premises as well as customers.

The Scottish Government has now made it mandatory to record visitor information to support NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect system. This includes the name and contact number of any individual – or “lead member” of each household in a group – that visits the premises.

The details must be stored for 21 days and shared with public health officers within 24 hours when requested to do so.

A statement from the Scottish Government said the new regulations “include customers, staff working on a particular day and visitors such as delivery drivers or cleaners”.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon said recording contact details has been made mandatory “given the established high risk of virus transmission within hospitality settings”.

“Strengthening this requirement to collect and share the data by moving it from guidance into regulations ensures that in the event of an outbreak, through the Test and Protect process, it will be possible to get in touch with anyone identified as a close contact who was present at the same time as an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19,” said Sturgeon.

“This will help us break chains of transmission while continuing to allow us to socialise and support our local businesses.

“It is worth stressing that for those hospitality venues which are already complying with guidance, they will see minimal change to their procedures and operations.”