Ten Hill Place hotel provides thousands of free nights for medical workers during crisis

The hotel received numerous thank you cards and messages from medical staff

AN EDINBURGH hotel has provided thousands of nights of free accommodation for frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Through its scheme which launched on March 27 and is now nearing an end, Ten Hill Place – which is owned and operated by Surgeons Quarter – announced it had supported over 500 medical and clinical staff working in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children with 2137 free nights accommodation, amounting to a cost of £100,000.

Scott Mitchell, managing director of Surgeons Quarter, said: “It has been an honour and a privilege to accommodate key workers and give them a safe space to rest and recover between difficult shifts.

“We are so proud of the small part our team has played in helping those at the frontline fighting this virus.

“This time has also been essential for us to make sure our teams operate with the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness possible. It has also given the opportunity for our staff to practice social distancing guidelines which will continue well into the future.

“Now our focus is on preparing for the next phase. Like everyone else in the hotel and hospitality sector we want to get back to business.

“We are awaiting updated guidance from ministers and are fervently hoping that we can reopen to guests as soon as the Scottish Government says it is safe to do so.”