Coronavirus: beer gardens could reopen soon

The Scottish Government revealed its ‘route map’ on Thursday

SCOTTISH beer gardens could reopen before the end of summer if coronavirus transmission rates have fallen to an acceptable level.

A ‘route map’ unveiled by the Scottish Government today (May 21) revealed lockdown measures across Scotland will be eased in four separate ‘phases’.

The first phase, which is expected to come into force on May 28, will see the reopening of some public outdoor spaces as well as industries including parts of the construction sector.

The second phase will include pubs and restaurants being able to open outdoor spaces with “physical distancing and increased hygiene routines”.

As the status of the lockdown is reviewed by the Scottish Government every three weeks the earliest this decision is likely to be taken is June 18. However, the Scottish Government has stated that certain ‘phases’ are likely to last longer than a single review period, meaning phase two may not begin until July or even later.

In phase three, pubs and restaurants will be able to reopen indoor spaces with “physical distancing and increased hygiene routines”. This phase will also see restrictions on hotels relaxed. By phase four all types of pubs, bars and restaurants should be able to reopen in line with public health advice.

More on this story to follow.