Scottish comedian to host online gin tasting by Eden Mill

Janey Godley will host the tasting on Friday evening

EDEN Mill has drafted in the help of a Glasgow comedian to host an online gin tasting in aid of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Janey Godley – who has entertained the public with voiceovers of Nicola Sturgeon’s press briefings during the COVID-19 pandemic – will lead the gin tasting on Eden Mill’s Instagram on Friday (May 22) at 9.15pm.

The virtual gin tasting is part of a series of wellbeing events taking place every night this week on Eden Mill’s social media channels to “spread a little cheer and bring people together online”.

Vicky Miller, head of marketing for Eden Mill, said: “We’ve had really heart-warming feedback from those who have attended our online gin tastings recently; we’ve been told it was not only a fun ‘night in’ which felt more like a good ‘night out’, but the Zoom tastings gave our customers the opportunity to connect with others during this time when they have been social distancing at home; many coming away from the night feeling they had experienced something new and exciting and had made new friends.

“Realising how bringing our community together online has benefited our customers inspired us to use our social media platforms to bring people together across this Mental Health Awareness Week.”

Eden Mill – which has been donating £2 from each sale of its limited-edition Original Gin Blue Bottle to NHS fundraising efforts – has announced it will be supporting NHS wellbeing charity Duty To Care in its next round of donations.

Co-founder of Eden Mill, Tony Kelly, said: “We are proud to announce that we have raised £2092 so far between April 16 – May 16 from sales of our NHS blue bottle of original gin. This will be donated to Mask 4 NHS Heroes, a crowdfunding effort set up by front-line NHS doctors to help raise money for Personal Protective Equipment.

“The next amount of funds raised will be donated to Duty for Care, which we felt very strongly about as we felt very strongly that with our NHS workers facing a huge amount of pressure at work, now more than ever, it is important to support them through these difficult times.”