A gateway to quality cocktails

GLASGOW bar The Gate has become the latest venue to offer professionally-made cocktails for home delivery with the launch of its new Create My Cocktail service.

Launched today (May 14) the website (at glasgowcocktails.co.uk) offers a variety of classic cocktails as well as the ability to have the venue’s bartenders create a bespoke cocktail based on the customer’s preferences. The site asks customers a number of questions about their preferred spirits and flavour styles and staff then proceed to create a unique serve in line with the answers.

Every cocktail is provided in a reusable pouch and comes with a garnish and instructions on how best to enjoy the drink at home.

In addition to the bespoke cocktails, classic serves available include the Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Daiquiri, Penicillin and Old Fashioned.

Andy Gemmell, owner of The Gate, said: “We miss our guests so much, and I’m sure they are missing us. With Create My Cocktail, we want to bring some of the hospitality and creativity we offer at The Gate for people to experience at home. If you fancy getting a cocktail crafted that’s unique and special to your taste, be sure to try out our cocktail generator this weekend.”