The Mercat Grill extends a paw for thought to Edinburgh Zoo

AN East Lothian operator is not only providing food for people in need during the COVID-19 crisis but has extended his services to help his local animal community.

Graham Blaikie, owner of The Mercat Grill in Whitecraig, East Lothian, will deliver food supplies to Edinburgh Zoo following its appeal for donations to help feed its animals during the coronavirus lockdown.

The operator launched his Soup(er) Hero campaign in April which provides homemade soup and sandwiches to those in need during the crisis.

Blaikie said: “My Mum heard that Edinburgh Zoo was in urgent need of monetary donations to help finance feeding their 1000 animals during lockdown, which costs them tens of thousands of pounds every month.

“So, following on from our ‘Soup(er) Hero’ campaign to help feed people in desperate need – we wanted to do what we can to help the animals at this incredibly difficult time, when the bulk of the zoo’s income comes from visitors. Therefore, we’re going to donate as much produce as we can on a regular basis. So far, we’ve dropped off 12 crates of fruit, vegetables and salmon.”