Star Pubs & Bars applications on the rise

Ross Robinson took his third lease with the pubco in 2019

APPLICATIONS for pub tenancies and leases have increased over the past year for Star Pubs and Bars according to recent figures.

The Heineken-owned pubco reported a 10% hike in submissions in 2019, following a 12.5% increase the previous year.

Data also showed traffic for the pub firm’s recruitment website was up 49% and attendance levels of open days were up 80-90%.

Hance McPherson, recruitment manager for Star Pubs & Bars, said that despite the current economic uncertainty the recent figures show positive trends in the licensed trade industry.

McPherson said: “With stories in the news about businesses not committing to projects and investment, it’s refreshing to see the leased pub sector bucking the trend and demonstrating that the entrepreneurial spirit in the licensed trade is still alive and kicking.”

Multiple operator, Ross Robinson, who took his third lease with Star Pubs & Bars in 2019 said: “Leasing a pub makes business sense as you have the security of a big business behind you and get access to various cash resources that you might not have available to fund yourself otherwise.

“We have a successful partnership with Star Pubs & Bars as they offer flexibility of leases and funding tailored to each pub and some great pubs.”