Counter-terrorism training crucial

Scottish trade urged to remain vigilant after London attack

Safety first: operators have been urged to ensure staff undergo counter-terrorism training

OPERATORS in Scotland have been urged to remain vigilant and ensure counter-terrorism training and procedures are up to date in the wake of the London terror attack late last month.

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre, which operates safety accreditation scheme Best Bar None Scotland, underlined the importance of counter-terrorism training for operators and staff to ensure those working in venues are aware of how to protect themselves and others.

David MacCrimmon, serious organised crime and counter-terrorism lead at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, said it is “crucial as many people as possible know what to do” in the event of an incident.

“We all need to be aware this is not just a London problem, and people have been charged recently with preparation of an act of terrorism in Scotland,” he said.

“There are various steps that licensed venues can take to mitigate terror attacks. It’s important that they educate and train staff on what to do if an incident occurs and that staff have the necessary first aid skills to treat victims. Ensure that stewards on the door, bar staff, waiting staff all know how to spot any suspicious behaviour and how to report it.

“Don’t be a bystander; if you see something suspicious, or a suspicious package, make sure you tell somebody.

“It’s also vital that everyone knows about the ‘Run, Hide and Tell’ protocol – get this instilled in your staff and your customers. I know of various incidences where this has actually saved lives, so if a terrorist attack happens our advice to you is to run, if you can’t run make sure you hide and always tell.

“Don’t be a bystander; if you see something suspicious, or a suspicious package, make sure you tell somebody. If something doesn’t feel right inform the police. Ultimately keep yourself, your staff and your patrons safe.”

Robert Hogg, Best Bar None Scotland’s national coordinator, said the trade cannot be complacent.

“It is imperative that venues across Scotland do not have the ‘this will never happen to us so why should we bother’ attitude, as you just never know,” he said.

“By taking steps now to ensure your staff are properly trained you may just save lives.”

A counter-terrorism awareness presentation for the trade is available to view below.

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