Time to reflect this new year


THE dawn of a new year is a perfect time for hospitality businesses to review best safety practice and look for ways to improve on the standards of the past twelve months.

That was the message from Best Bar None, the national safety and responsible retailing scheme, which outlined key areas for the trade to consider during its typically quiet period.

According to the awards scheme, which is operated by The Scottish Business Resilience Centre, venues should prioritise cyber security and ensure customers are protected by secure wi-fi to avoid data breaches and prevent attacks.

Michael Donaldson, PR manager at the organisation, said: “Cyber-crime is now a real threat to the licensed trade.

“It’s a common myth that cyber-attacks are more of a threat to larger businesses when in reality an estimated 90% of attacks affect small businesses, many of which are not set-up to deal with such a problem.”

Staff and customer mental health and wellbeing was another area addressed by Best Bar None, with regular talks between staff and managers described as an effective way to combat low morale.

The provision of non-alcoholic drinks to meet the ever-increasing demand for healthier alternatives was the final point for reflection highlighted by the national accreditation scheme.

Donaldson, said: “In what is being described as a sober surge, 29% of young people in the UK now identify as non-drinkers, while there is a definite shift to ‘cutting-back’ amongst the older generation.”