Pressing a new variant into action

Stowford Press Cloudy
Stowford Press Cloudy is 4% ABV.

THE firm behind cider brand Stowford Press has launched a new cloudy variant into the on-trade.

Stowford Press Cloudy is described as a 4% ABV “lightly carbonated, medium sweet, sessionable cider”.

The apple cider, which develops a natural haze through the fermentation process, has been launched to capitalise on increased interest in cloudy cider amongst non-traditional cider consumers, according to Stowford Press parent firm, Westons Cider.

Brand manager Holly Chadwick said: “The latest Stowford Press variant will offer cider drinkers even more choice and continue to draw in drinkers new to the cider category with an accessible taste profile and lower ABV.

“The launch of Stowford Press Cloudy will enable the on-trade to drive greater value into the cloudy cider category, with a premium mainstream option.”