Operator’s heartfelt staff profit share

Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group shares profit with qualifying staff through HeartCount fund

MANORVIEW Hotels & Leisure Group has shared the fruits of the firm’s labours with its employees.

Through its HeartCount Fund, the group shares 10% of its pre-tax profit with qualifying staff to recognise their contribution to the company and encourage retention.

Announced on HeartCount Day (July 12) – which was celebrated in all Manorview Group venues – the firm shared £55,344 with 281 staff members, with the average payout amounting to approximately £200 per employee.

Managing director David Tracey said: “Our goal is to be recognised as a great place to work, where people feel appreciated and want to stay. Initiatives such as the HeartCount Fund and our day of celebration are an integral part of our Manorview culture.”