Shining a Light on lower ABV

Whyte & Mackay launches 21.5% ABV spirit drink

whyte-mackayA NEW lower ABV spirit drink has been launched by Whyte & Mackay in a bid to tap into the growing low-ABV market.

Whyte & Mackay Light, which is said to be the first of its kind in the spirits category, is bottled at 21.5% ABV – almost half the minimum 40% ABV required for a spirit to be defined as a whisky.

The product is said to have been released in response to changing consumer trends, with a growing demand for lower ABV drinks from consumers, and will join Whyte & Mackay’s premium spirits portfolio, sitting alongside whisky brands Shackleton and Woodsman, as well as Wildcat Gin.

Ruairi Perry, head of brand at Whyte & Mackay, said: “We’re continually looking at trends in drinks and listening to our consumers across the UK, which is why we’re delighted to announce the launch of Whyte & Mackay Light. It’s a different product, built with the same younger, lighter consumer in mind.

“We see a different type of drinking occasion emerging – and Whyte & Mackay Light has been developed to satisfy that occasion.”

Rod Gillies, head of innovation at Whyte & Mackay, added: “With Whyte & Mackay Light, we’re using the strength of one of our existing brands to deliver an attractive option for the growing number of consumers who may be looking to keep an eye on their alcohol intake. People trust Whyte & Mackay to make a great-tasting spirit and, thanks to our expert distilling team, Whyte & Mackay Light tastes fantastic – either straight over ice or served with your favourite mixer.

“We think it’s a compelling addition to the spirit drink category, and we’re looking forward to introducing consumers to it.”