Know the score with cider range


From the Euro 2020 qualifiers and Women’s World Cup, to this weekend’s Champions League final, there will be no shortage of sports fans looking to quench their thirst in pubs across the country this summer.

But, just like in sport, the right line up of ciders and beers is crucial to sales success, according to Heineken, which has unveiled a range of tips that it claims can help operators bolster sales.

1. Less is more

Consumers generally look at six or seven taps before making a decision, so work with a ‘seven-a-side’ selection.

2. Breadth not width

Quality and choice constraints mean that customers only have a limited number of choices, so avoid putting two brands that do the same  thing on the bar.

3. Focus on favourites

Every football team needs some dependable defenders to create the stability to allow the attackers to work their magic; similarly, in a bar you need to balance an experimental craft range and mainstream offer.

4. Encourage trade up

Fans pay good money to watch the match. In bars, managers need to offer choices that will excite consumers and entice them to pay more for a premium experience.

5. Draught vs packaged

A football manager cannot rely on players off the pitch to excite the fans; in the same way, bar managers need to focus on where consumers are looking to attract their attention. Outlets should ensure draught and packaged cider ranges are built independently.

6. Everything in its place

Brands placed in the bar in many ways represent the bar itself, so need to be chosen carefully to send out the right message to consumers.