Return of the Aussies

Brad and Dan are back for Foster’s

THE firm behind Australian lager brand Foster’s has gone back to the future for its biggest advertising campaign in years, with the return of Antipodean agony uncles, Brad and Dan.

The laidback pair, who answer calls from nervy Brits and urge them not to fret, are the stars of the new £6 million marketing campaign from the beer brand’s parent firm Heineken.

In the first 30-second spot, a worried caller, Harry, asks the pair what to serve his “fancy pants” brother-in-law at a BBQ; Brad and Dan advise him to pour Foster’s into an old jam jar and call it something obscure.

The duo’s initial TV advert was debuted during this month’s Grand National on ITV; the new campaign is expected to reach over 20 million people in the UK and 88% of all 18 to 56 year olds via TV, video on demand, social media and radio.

Nic Casby, brand director at Heineken, said: “Foster’s has a legacy of making great advertising that engages people emotionally.

“This campaign will add some refreshment to the classic lager category and we’re sure consumers will love it, thanks to entertaining, relatable and memorable content.”