Wild and sour brews unleashed

Cosmic Crush Raspberry is a 5.8% ABV sour beer
Cosmic Crush Raspberry is a 5.8% ABV sour beer

Brewdog has released its first batch of wild and sour brews from its sour beers facility, Overworks.

The ten beers, which include Cosmic Crush Raspberry – a 5.8% ABV sour ale fermented with raspberries aged in wine barrels, and Aplomb Bomb – a 6% ABV sour ale fermented with plum and vanilla aged in foeders, are said to represent months of development by the brewing team who have been experimenting with the brewing process and different flavour combinations.

Brewdog opened its Overworks facility in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, last year to focus solely on producing sour beers.

Richard Kilcullen, brewmaster at Overworks, said: “Brewdog has always pushed the boundaries of what beer can be, and this first batch of sour beer epitomises that ambition.

“We’re obsessed with big flavours that will challenge people’s palates and conceptions. We couldn’t be more excited to release these incredible beers and can’t wait to open up our world of sour beer to more people than ever before.”