A Satanic Scots spirit

Two of the four in the new rum range

THE devil is in the detail; or in this case, the rum.

Deeside Distillery, in the north east of Scotland, has created what is said to be the UK’s first single cask, cask-strength rum.

Devil’s Point is aged in a variation of experimental casks, with the Banchory-based distillery employing various techniques used in the creation of rum in warmer climates. This is said to create a spirit “with as much character and authenticity of a Caribbean rum as possible, [while] still being aligned to Scotch whisky production”.

The range comprises four rums, including two single cask aged rums – a sherry cask (59% ABV) and a Virgin American oak cask (58% ABV), a golden aged rum (38% ABV), and a 22% ABV coffee liqueur expression.

Brand ambassador Ryan Rhodes said: “We tip our hats to Dark Matter rum distillers, also based in Banchory, who were the ones to pave the way to make a Scottish rum. With other local distilleries looking at releasing rum we thought it was now time to launch our new experimental products we have been working on in secret.”