Spirit tribute to botanist

The new William Kerr’s Borders Gin
The new William Kerr’s Borders Gin

A CELEBRATED botanist from Hawick has provided the inspiration for The Borders Distillery’s first gin.

William Kerr’s Borders Gin is named after the plant hunter who explored east Asia in the early 19th century; his work eventually led to 238 new specimens being brought back to the UK.

The 43% ABV gin is produced in Hawick from its own malt barley spirit and makes use of several botanicals, including juniper, angelica root, liquorice root and cassia bark.

The resulting distillate is described as having an “initial light malt fruitiness, bright citrus notes of lemon, orange and coriander seeds, combined with a hint of liquorice”.

Tim Carlton, The Borders Distillery’s co-founder, said: “Unlike many gins we use our own spirit from beginning to end, resulting in a distinctive and delicious mouth-filling taste and texture.”