Time to pour perfect pints

Bars should be on point with the basics of beer quality

pouring beer

NOTHING sells in Scotland’s on-trade quite like draught; and with many consumers across the country increasingly knowledgeable about beer quality, it’s crucial licensees have confidence in the pints they pour in their outlets.

The necessity of serving the best beer possible was outlined by Steve Lakin, national customer relationship manager at drinks dispense firm Innserve.

He said: “For some, the quest to find the perfect pint is a little like searching for the Holy Grail.

“You know it exists, you believe in its power to grant everlasting happiness, but trying to find it can prove problematic.

“One in three pints is estimated to have been served through dirty lines or at the incorrect temperature.

“All too often, a potentially great pint can be ruined by a poor hygiene routine, lack of temperature control or even presenting it in the wrong glass.

“Having a good cellar management routine in place is a vital element of providing the very best draught beer or cider.”

Stevie Dickson, quality manager at Tennent’s, cautioned operators against trying to make false economies in the cellar.

“People are trying to save money in every shape or form,” he said. “So they’ll buy a cheaper line cleaning product.

“So they may feel they’re cleaning their lines every week and they’re doing everything right.

“We say ‘people, process and product’. So if the person can’t be bothered doing the lines right, you’ve got a problem.

“If the process isn’t right you’ve got a problem. And the product, again, even if you’ve got the other two right, can give you dirty lines.”

And as the festive rush draws nearer, the need for a well-oiled beer machine running from keg to font is only heightened, according to Lakin at Innserve.

He said: “With Christmas and Hogmanay firmly on the horizon, now is the time for licensees to ensure their drinks dispense systems are functioning at their very best in order to cope with increased demand.

“When fresh faces are coming through the door, serving an excellent pint is one sure fire way to convert new customers into regulars.”