Trade partnership shares guidance

The NLTP workshop at The Garage
The NLTP staged its first crime scene preservation workshop last month.

A TRADE group comprising operators, licensing lawyers, LSOs and representatives from Best Bar None and Police Scotland is rolling out crime scene preservation advice for licensees and staff.

The National Licensed Trade Partnership (NLTP) launched the guidance at the first in a series of crime scene preservation and counter-terrorism workshops at The Garage in Glasgow late last month.

Operators and staff at the event heard from DC Stuart Boyland, who spoke on counter-terrorism measures, urging licensees and staff to “be vigilant” and advocating the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Awareness online training course.

“Terrorism is a real threat we face today and we all need to be prepared,” he said.

“The ACT Awareness training is freely accessible and only takes 45 minutes to complete. It’s preparing for what will hopefully never happen.”

Crime scene preservation advice was given from DS Darren Stewart, who said licensees and staff can play an important role in helping preserve evidence until police arrive.

“The crime scene could be in the bar, it could be in the toilets, it might be the cellar that’s been broken into,” he said.

“Preservation of life is the most important thing; if you need to move something to preserve life that takes priority. But try to leave as much as you can until the police get there.

“Put the NLTP poster up in a staff area so they know what to do too. It can make a huge difference.”

The event also heard from assistant chief constable Bernard Higgins, who reflected on the work done by the NLTP since it was established by nightclub owner Donald MacLeod in 2016.

“I joined the police in 1988 and I can honestly say that where we were 30 years ago in terms of partnership working is almost unrecognisable,” he said. “I think the licensed trade and the work undertaken by Donald and the NLTP is to be commended. It’s making great strides.”

Donald MacLeod said: “The police are not the trade’s enemy and vice-versa; we’re on the same side. We’re working in partnership to share best practice for operators and staff, and get the message out that it’s never been safer to go to a pub or club.”

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