Jägermeister campaign plays it cool

bottle in ice

The firm behind Jägermeister has been encouraging 18 to 24 year olds to get into the party spirit ahead of Christmas, with a new digital advertising campaign.

The new ad, which forms part of the brand’s Be the Meister campaign, launched earlier this month and runs until the new year. It features supermodel Nadja Auermann and promotes the brand’s signature serve of an ice-cold shot, chilled down to minus 18 degrees Celsius.

“Jägermeister’s DNA is rooted in its distinctive irreverent nature, introduced and mastered by the creator, Curt Mast, who himself boasted an ‘irreverent and entrepreneurial spirit’,” said Nicole Goodwin, marketing director at parent company Mast-Jaegermeister UK.

“Our digital ad campaign reflects this and is designed to appeal to our youth audience and empower them to be their own meister. Unlike other spirits, Jägermeister is requested by name and has an established cult following, so our aim is to resonate with our UK youth audience in the all-important Christmas count down.”