From one isle to another

Havana Club Professional Edition B

THE mistaken delivery of Islay whisky barrels to Cuba has resulted in one of two new releases from Havana Club.

When the heavily-peated casks arrived on the island, the rum brand partnered with bartender and consultant, Nick Strangeway, to experiment with adding a smoky note by finishing a rich dark rum in the casks.

Havana Club Professional Edition B is the result; the rum is said to have a “smoky, yet rich and sweet profile”.

The new Professional Edition range has been developed for bartenders and aims to challenge conventions in the category.

The other release in the fledgling range spawned from a collaboration with the Cuban Bartenders Association, Professional Edition A, and is described as an “intense Carta Blanca”.

Asbel Morales, Havana Club’s master rum maker, said: “The rare, small-batch rums of the range are exceptional new expressions and represent the exciting and innovative future for authentic Cuban rum.”