A purr-fectly nocturnal gin

Drinks firm unveils new release for creatures of the night

The gin’s botanicals include cat’s claw root

THE tale of an 18th century illicit gin merchant is said to have inspired the latest addition to Whyte & Mackay’s premium spirits portfolio, Wildcat Gin.

Captain Dudley Bradstreet is claimed to have arrived in London during the 1700s with a plan to sell gin, when it was illegal to do so, in secret.

According to legend, the Irishman hung the sign of a black cat over his window and spread word that by knocking three times a large measure of gin would be dispensed once money had been placed inside the cat’s mouth.

The 41.5% ABV gin is being positioned in the market as perfect for consumers who want to “seize the night”; the spirit is made with ten botanicals including cat’s claw root, which is described as giving the juniper-led distillate a “pleasant twist” with notes of citrus, white pepper and spice.

The brand’s packaging also points to the gin’s backstory with a gold logo designed to resemble a door knocker and the words “Knock Once Knock Twice Knock Thrice” embossed  on the bottle.

Mike Greggs, Whyte & Mackay general manager of UK, France and Germany, said: “We are delighted to launch our new ‘gin of the night’ – Wildcat Gin.

“We are investing in innovation across our portfolio. Wildcat Gin is the latest brand launch to ensure we continue to offer consumer-led value to our customers.

“As a business we recognised a key drinking occasion which is under served by current gin brands – night time – so Wildcat Gin is aimed at those who come to life after dark.

“Wildcat Gin’s distinctive, yet classic taste makes it perfect for a simple gin and tonic or a Bramble cocktail to be enjoyed as the consumer sees fit – as part of a great night out.

“With a stand-out flavour profile and intriguing brand story, we’re confident Wildcat Gin will add value to the category while standing out against mainstream gin brands.”