Scare up some sales

Cranes’ Heat of the Moment

THE entrepreneurs behind a cranberry and blood orange liqueur have created a series of Halloween-inspired cocktail recipes to help licensees scare up some additional sales this month.

Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur, which was developed by co-founders Ben and Dan Ritsema in collaboration with a mixologist, is made from natural ingredients, with 115 cranberries said to go into each 50cl bottle; its blood red colour is said to be ideal for creating Halloween-themed cocktails.

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One of the suggested serves is the Cranes Heat of the Moment.


3 parts mango juice

1 part tequila

1 part Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur

1/2 part lime juice

2 chillies



Fill a shaker with ice. Add all spirits and juice and squeeze lime into the shaker. Shake until cold, approximately ten seconds. Wet the rim of the glass and place in sugar. Cut the chillies and place on the edge of the glass.