Collaboration is the name of the game

BEERS that build on the ancient trading links between Scotland and Scandinavia have been released as part of annual brewing project, North Sea Bridges.

This year’s collaboration saw six of Scotland’s brewers – Black Isle, Fallen, Fierce, Fyne, Six Degrees North, and Pilot – and six Scandinavian producers – Amundsen, Beerbliotek, Dry & Bitter, Dugges, Rocket, and To ØL – team up to create six new beers.

The same brewers will collaborate next year in Scandinavia.

The brews include Fierce and To ØL’s Blood of Nidhoggr (7% ABV black sour); Six Degrees North and Amundsen’s Amundsix (6.7% ABV dry hopped sour); Black Isle and Dry & Bitter’s Flame Out (8% ABV double IPA); Pilot and Dugges’ Tropisk (7.4% ABV dryPA); Fyne Ales and Rocket Brewing Company’s Cowberry Heart (5.3% ABV Lingonberry Rye IPA); and Fallen and Beerbliotek’s Tap Saff (8.5% Saffron & Spruce dark IPA).