PLH uncertainty is ‘outrageous’

Thousands of licensees still in the dark over renewal training


By Gillian McKenzie

THOUSANDS of licensees remain in the dark over the training requirements for personal licence renewal just 12 months before the deadline for applications.

As SLTN went to press, the Scottish Government was again unable to confirm whether personal licence holders (PLHs) will be required to undertake SCPLH refresher training or the full course – and whether current SCPLH qualifications will be valid for renewals.

Thousands of PLHs who require to renew their personal licences by September 1, 2019 must submit an application and training certificate between September 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019. But, as reported in the last two issues of SLTN (May 10 and April 26), there remains uncertainty over what is required.

When SLTN contacted the Scottish Government last week, it was again unable to answer specific questions about the training requirements and the validity or otherwise of current SCPLH training.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said the comment issued to SLTN on May 3 still stood; it stated that the government is “at an advanced stage in discussions with a preferred supplier to review and update the relevant personal licence holder qualifications” and that it is “also about to issue a short review of the implications for boards and the trade of the upcoming renewal and refresher courses”.

Licensing lawyers have slammed the ongoing lack of clarity just 12 months before the renewal application deadline.

Janet Hood said: “I said to the Scottish Government ‘I want to know if I can start training people and if the training I do will be accepted’ and they said they can’t answer that.

“I think it’s absolutely outrageous that the Scottish Government is putting in jeopardy a hospitality business which employs nearly 300,000 people and accounts for 5% of GDP. What are they playing at?

“I think this is really a nightmare and is only going to get worse.”

Jack Cummins said: “The lack of an early decision on the shape of training for the renewals is totally mystifying.

“It would be ridiculous to require both the ‘full’ course and the refresher course – but the legislation as it stands seems to point to that result.

“So, the message is that the trade, awarding bodies, trainers and lawyers need clarity, and they need it now.”