Craft brewer shakes it up

Colonsay Brewery updated its core range of craft beers to appeal to a wider audience

CHANGING consumer tastes in the craft beer market are behind Colonsay Brewery’s decision to change the recipes of each of its three core beers.

The brewery, which has been producing beers on the remote Hebridean island of Colonsay since June 2007, has sought the help of brewing consultants in recent years in order to attract a wider audience for its beers.

The tweaks in the range include the addition of an American origin hop, Mosaic, to its 3.9% ABV IPA, to give the beer an extra layer of tropical fruit flavour and adding oats to the malt bill of its 80/-, resulting in a “creamier” mouth-feel.

The dark ale has also been renamed Hangman’s Rock after an eerie rock overhang to the south of the island, where the island’s criminals of centuries past are believed to have been executed. The brewery, owned by Colonsay Beverages, producers of Wild Island Botanic Gin, had already renamed its lager as Pig’s Paradise Blonde after another cliff-face, where the island’s swine were known to slip into the sea.

The three styles are available in 500ml bottles and in kegs.