Outlet gets in the spirit

East Lothian bar will host first gin tasting in June

Mercat Grill now stocks 30 craft gins in response to the spirit’s popularity

A BAR and restaurant in the village of Whitecraig, East Lothian, is preparing to get into the summer spirit with a dedicated craft gin event.

The Mercat Grill will give its customers the chance to sample a range of Scottish craft gins on the evening of Saturday, June 2.

For £30 per person (£25 if customers purchase their tickets in advance) attendees will be able to sample a number of different Scottish gins, each of which will be introduced by Alistair Graham of drinks supplier Woodwinters.

There’s lots of new distilleries producing this superb drink.

The gins will be paired with a range of tapas that have been selected to complement each spirit.

Mercat Grill owner Graham Blaikie said the event is a response to the growing popularity of craft spirits in his outlet.

The venue now stocks a range of 30 different craft gins, which are priced between £2.50 and £3.15 a measure and are paired with mixers from brands like Franklin & Sons and Fever-Tree.

“There’s been a real rise in demand for gin and we always like to keep up with our customers’ needs,” said Blaikie.

“There’s lots of new craft distilleries in our country producing this superb drink from good old juniper berries.”