A gateway to new beers

Brewer Peter Simpson said consumers are seeking new options

DIAGEO is aiming to make craft and world beer more accessible with the launch of two new beers under its Guinness brand.

Produced at the Open Gate Brewery at St. James’ Gate, Dublin, the new brews – Open Gate Citra IPA (5% ABV) and Open Gate Pilsner (4.5% ABV) – have been created as a ‘gateway range’ for consumers who mainly drink mainstream beer but are interested in alternative beer.

Said to be inspired by craft, but with the “trusted credentials of the Guinness harp”, the two beers are available across the on-trade in draught format.

Lead brewer, Peter Simpson (pictured), said: “As brewers, our goal is to introduce more people to the more flavoursome possibilities of beer. With our Open Gate Brewery Citra IPA and Pilsner, consumers won’t have to worry about quality or value issues because they know what they’re drinking has been released under the reliable and recognised Guinness brand.”