New product adds some spice to the stout sector

Crabbies Stout

STOUT meets ginger beer in the latest product from the firm behind Crabbie’s.

Said to be a “first of its kind”, Crabbie’s Stout combines Mud City Stout from Black Country craft brewer Sadler’s with Crabbie’s ginger beer to create what’s described as a “distinctive and unique” blend.

The 4.2% ABV stout, which joins IPA, Original and Raspberry drinks in Crabbie’s newly-established Crafty Ginger Collection, is described as having “rich, roasted nutty notes”, a spicy finish and a balanced taste.

It is packaged in 500ml bottles bearing the Crabbie’s branding in black and gold to differentiate it from the other variants in the range.

Anja Weise-O’Connor, senior marketing manager at Crabbie’s, said the new stout is designed to appeal to male and female consumers.

“We can see from market data and industry trends that darker beers such as stouts are expected to see a bit of a renaissance as part of the craft beer category growth,” she said.

“We’ve delivered an exceptional and intriguing liquid at just the right time, that we believe can tap into this anticipated movement in the market.

“Crabbie’s has always been about an unconventional approach to drinks making, one that champions quality ingredients, true craftsmanship and a daring nature on what’s possible, and our new stout continues to support these beliefs which remain at the heart of the brand.”