What’s on the inside counts

Survey reveals importance of natural ingredients in beer

Three glasses with malts in them
The research showed that a large majority of drinkers care about what goes in their beer.

BEER drinkers are more interested in the ingredients going into their beer than in anything else they eat or drink, according to new research.

A study conducted for beer industry campaign There’s a Beer For That revealed that while natural ingredients in food and drinks are important to two thirds of Britons, more than 88% of those asked said natural ingredients are important to them when choosing a beer.

The online survey tested consumers’ understanding of the components and properties of beer as part of the campaign’s goal of educating drinkers.

Commenting on the research David Cunningham, programme director of There’s a Beer For That, said: “It was no surprise that British consumers are more inclined to buy food and drink if it is made from British ingredients or that more than two thirds confirmed that natural ingredients in food and drink is important to them.

“And yet a higher number, 88%, said that natural ingredients are important to them when choosing a beer and 76% think that hops and barley being sourced from British farms for brewing beer is important.

“This suggests that consumers are more discerning about their choice of beer than other food and drink and want to know more about the provenance and quality credentials of Britain’s national alcoholic drink.”

The data also emphasised the need for additional education in the on-trade as a means of helping inform consumers; less than a quarter of those surveyed recognised that beer is brewed by using water, barley, hops and yeast, while only 10% could name more than six styles of beers.