New South African spirit takes flight

Sugarbird is a “gentle bodied” gin

FOUR drinks industry entrepreneurs have joined forces to create new South African gin Sugarbird.

Beer experts Rob Heyns and Nzeka Biyela have teamed up with winemaker and distiller couple, Mark and Kelly Goldsworthy, to produce the spirit, which is described as a “well-crafted accessible gin” that showcases the “essence of South Africa’s natural flora” to the world.

The gin is said be “gentle bodied” and made with an infusion of botanicals, including the indigenous flora of South Africa’s Western Cape and the Cape May Flower sourced by botanists from the slopes of the Table Mountain.

With “zesty notes of orange and lemon peel, grapefruit, coriander and cinnamon”, Sugarbird is  described as a “lightly floral, easy-sipping gin”.