Calls for on-trade beer duty relief

Beer glass being poured

CAMRA has warned that the British tradition of going to the pub is at risk of dying out as beer prices continue to rise.

The consumer group has submitted a report to chancellor Phillip Hammond, ahead of the November 22 Budget, calling for a freeze or reduction in beer duty.

Research conducted by YouGov on CAMRA’s behalf showed that only 15% of UK beer drinkers think the price of a pint of beer in the UK is either very or fairly affordable.

Colin Valentine, CAMRA’s national chairman, said:  “Many landlords are in a tricky situation in that they are forced to either raise their prices or close their doors forever. It is the people on lower incomes who will be hit the hardest, and will then choose to drink at home.

“In addition, thousands of local pubs are at risk of closure bringing devastating consequences for their local communities.

“The chancellor must take urgent action in this budget if we are to keep pub-going a social activity open to all and prevent local pubs from being wiped off the map.”