Bringing unity to beer range

Scottish craft brewer unveils new look across core products

The new packaging has been designed to unify the brand’s core range of brews

EDINBURGH beer firm Innis & Gunn has unveiled a new look across its core barrel-aged and craft brewed beers range.

Designed to provide a uniform look across the entire range, the new packaging has been developed “to give a contemporary and consistent identity across its core range whilst communicating the distinctive styles and characteristics of each individual beer”.

The design is said to have been influenced by the success of Innis & Gunn lager’s packaging, which saw the introduction of the brand’s ‘swirl’ design when it launched in 2015.

The new look is also said to mark “a return to its roots in barrel-ageing”, with 100% bourbon barrel-aged Original beer leading the relaunch.

The new look is designed to share our story and craft credentials.

Innis & Gunn uses two different barrel-ageing methods: the traditional beer into barrel method and the ‘barrel into beer’ method – which was developed by founder and master brewer Dougal Sharp and sees barrels broken into pieces and toasted to develop the necessary aromas and flavours. Innis & Gunn has utilised the latter to launch new rum barrel-aged beer, Blood Red Sky.

The core range line up now consists of five beers: Original, Blood Red Sky, Innis & Gunn lager, Gunpowder IPA, and Session IPA.

Dougal Sharp said that the new look across the core range “is designed to share our story and craft credentials with consumers, reflecting our unique position at the centre of craft brewing tradition and innovation”.

Innis & Gunn’s new packaging began rolling out this month and runs across all bottle, can and draught formats, as well as new branded glassware and point of sale materials.